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Macclesfield and the Local Plan

Macclesfield has a population of approximately 52,000 and is situated in the Borough of  Cheshire East.

Cheshire East is characterised by its distinctive historic towns each with their own history, character and charm. These towns lie at the heart of the Borough, and their vitality and growth is essential for the future prosperity of Cheshire East. These towns serve as Key Service Centres for a wider locality with a good range of facilities including shops, schools and cultural and leisure facilities.

The Key Service Centres of Alsager, Congleton, Handforth, Knutsford, Middlewich, Nantwich, Poynton, Sandbach and Wilmslow provide a range of services and opportunities for employment, retail and education. They serve a wide catchment area and contain public transport links. The Key Service Centres offer opportunities for sustainable economic growth that can meet the aspirations of the Borough and local communities.

The Vision for the Key Service Centres is:

The towns Alsager, Congleton, Handforth, Knutsford, Middlewich, Nantwich, Poynton, Sandbach and Wilmslow will see growth, with high quality homes and business premises provided to meet local needs, where smaller independent traders will continue to thrive and where all development will contribute to creating a strong sense of place.


The draft Macclesfield Town Strategy sees the town of Macclesfield continuing to be a unique, distinctive and appealing destination with a vital and vibrant town centre, where the community comes

together to enjoy a wide range of facilities and events, along with its rich history and heritage assets. The preferred locations for development are brownfield sites within Macclesfield (particularly the town centre) and the South Macclesfield Development area.

If the development of greenfield sites is necessary,sites on the west of the town are preferred.

Macclesfield is the second largest town in the Borough and the main town in the north of the Borough with strong economic links to South Manchester.

An Economic Masterplan for the town was adopted by the Council in 2010 with the aim of sustaining the town's performance as one of the most successful in the regional economy. The Masterplan identified two key elements for the future success of the town, firstly the redevelopment

of the town centre to provide a greater retail offer and secondly the delivery of the South Macclesfield Development Area providing opportunities for physical and economic development.

The vision for Macclesfield is:

By 2030 Macclesfield will continue to be a unique, distinctive and appealing destination set in a visible landscape setting, with a vital and vibrant town centre, where the community comes together to enjoy a wide range of facilities and events, along with its rich history and heritage assets. Macclesfield will be a town where businesses thrive and where there is a good range of shopping and leisure activities both during the day and the evening.

It will be a safe and desirable place with sustainable development, where people want to come to live, work and play.

The draft Macclesfield Town Strategy looks to provide a long term supply of suitably located employment land to attract new businesses and allow existing businesses to expand. It will create a vibrant town centre by providing residential, retail, arts, leisure, tourism and cultural facilities and deliver about 3,500 new dwellings in and around the town by 2030, providing a mix of housing types and tenures and including affordable and older persons accommodation. In order to deliver sustainable economic growth, it considers a number of development options around the town some of which are in the Green Belt.

This Development Strategy accords with the draft Macclesfield Town Strategy, proposing 3,500 new homes and 20 hectares of employment land. 1000 new homes are expected to be provided on brownfield sites within the town.

The town centre is identified as a key redevelopment opportunity which will include new residential development. The remainder will be focused on three sites on the edge of the town with transport infrastructure and community facilities. The figure of 3,500 dwellings is needed to drive future economic growth for the town whilst reflecting existing constraints including the Green Belt and highway infrastructure.

View the draft Macclesfield Town Strategy document

Planning Consultants for the Macclesfield area of Cheshire East

We provide a comprehensive range of planning services for the Macclesfield and Cheshire East Council area.

Ashall Town Planning are North West based and are ideally positioned to provide a bespoke and professional planning service in the Macclesfield and the wider Cheshire East Council area to assist householders and developers to successfully obtain Planning Permission.

If you are seeking professional independent Planning or Property Development Advice in the Macclesfield area, require Planning Drawings or advice on a Planning Permission Application to Cheshire East Council, as Chartered Town Planning Consultants we are the ideal people to guide you through the planning process and to help you obtain the pl an ning permission you need.

Having been established for 25 years we have a vast experience of dealing with Planning Officers from Cheshire East Council, and its former incarnations of Knutsford, Macclesfield, Congleton, and Crewe & Nantwich. By appointing us as your consultants, acting as your agent with Cheshire East Council you will benefit from our many years of experience giving your application the greatest chance of success.

We offer the following services:

Architectural Planning Drawings

Architectural Plans

Architectural Drawings

Access to Chartered Architect services

Planning Appeals

Permitted Development Applications (Lawful Certificate)

Planning Permission Applications for House Extensions & Loft Conversions

Retrospective Planning Applications

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Planning Permission Applications for Converting a House to Flats

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Ashall Town Planning Consultants cover all areas in Cheshire East, including Alderley Edge, Alsager, Congleton, Crewe, Handforth, Knutsford, Macclesfield, Middlewich, Nantwich, Poynton, Sandbach and Wilmslow.

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